​​​Sons of Confederate Veterans
Tallassee Armory Guards
Camp 1921 of Tallassee, AL

SCV Emblem Gold

Our Confederate Ancestors

Below are photos of the ancestors of members of the Tallassee Armory Guards.
Pvt. William Marion Benson

Father of Dr. James Marion Benson, Grandfather of Willie Faye Benson     Hughey, Great Grandfather of  
Fred Randall Hughey.

This photograph is an enlargement of a picture which appeared in the "Tallassee Mills Briefs," February, 1918.
3rd​ Sgt. William J. Griffith
47th Alabama Infantry Co. B​
Ancestor of Terry Davis
(Deceased Member)
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Pvt. Joseph J. Johnson
53rd Alabama Cavalry Co. K​
Ancestor of Ed Henderson
Pvt. Theophilus F. Botsford
47th Alabama Infantry Co. D​
Ancestor of Tim Watson
Lt. Simeon W. Melton
47th Alabama Infantry Co. B
Ancestor of Donald J. Melton, 
​Tim & Bobby Watkins